Antitrust Group EEIG is a Brussels based alliance of specialist European law firms dedicated to the assistance, through its member firms, of clients faced with legal challenges related to European competition law, in particular:

  • cartel damages claims
    Through our member firms we assist clients that have suffered damages resulting from antitrust infringements in obtaining reparation, either through litigation or through negotiation. 
  • merger control filings and clearances
    Through our member firms we assist clients in obtaining clearance from the European Commission or national competition authorities for their mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.
  • antitrust awareness and compliance
    Through our member firms we provide guidance on how to avoid or limit the risk of being held liable for antitrust infringements, either by a public competition authority (the European Commission or a national competition authority) or by private parties. Also, we advise individuals, specifically directors, on their individual liability under the domestic laws of certain member states.